Your Responsibilities As A Consumer

I would suggest using some visuals here that are easy for the consumers to spot and recognise, eg the CE marking and the WRAS logo

For consumers, the correct questions to ask by the appropriate people at the appropriate stages are key to ensuring that Bathrooms are a safe and healthy environment for families to enjoy and experience. This will ensure that the experience of a new Bathroom should be unspoilt and enjoyed by you as a consumer.

When you purchase products it is important for you to understand that the product has passed the technical product requirements and also it is compliant with the relevant UK legislation and meets safety requirements as required by the Law.

Let’s keep it simple!

Use a qualified Plumber, they will be able to help you and ensure your purchase is safe.

When looking for a plumber use an approved scheme, examples of some approved schemes are shown here Qualified plumbers, CIPHE etc. WaterSafe, Approved Contractor Schemes be aware a good review does not mean they are always qualified

Ask the retailer or your plumber if the product has a CE mark like the ones illustrated. It is usually displayed on the packaging or on the product.

Ask if the product has a compliance certificate, you can do this by identifying one of the marks on the left, and they can usually see it on the packaging.

If you allow an incorrect installation you could be liable not only for allowing the installation but every time you use it, so please check!

If you want to make an installation yourself, it is even more important to ensure that your product is compliant and that you install your product correctly, speak to your local water company for advice if you are not sure.

What does a ce mark mean to you?

A CE Mark is an assurance that a product which has been made or imported has been certified “fit for purpose.”