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In order to sell, distribute and install bathroom and kitchen products they must comply with both EU and UK legislations.

When Bathroom Products are bought or supplied in the UK we all have responsibilities, even as consumers,  to ensure that the end product is safe after Installation.

Since the UK left the EU there has been some change in the way that products are proven to be compliant e.g. UKCA instead of CE,  but the responsibilities have not changed.

Regulatory Compliance is very important, as a business must meet minimum requirements for their products legally, in performance and to protect the consumer. Obligations of compliance as a manufacturer or distributor require them to demonstrate minimum performance standards to protect consumers and whether an organisation manufactures the product or resells it, the responsibility to comply makes the manufacturer and the reseller accountable.

The importance is to protect public health, safeguard water supply and promote efficient use of our water supply.

The objective of this tool is to understand your liabilities and responsibilities, to maintain customer safety and promote water efficiency.

DISCLAIMER: This compliance tool is correct on the date of posting to the website

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